About Us

Our Mission

To be one of the most reliable providers of premium quality commodities products and services, to buyers requirement and , gold trading companies and the international buyers , thereby achieving highest standards of Quality, Reliability, Trust, Customer Satisfaction and maximization of Shareholder Value.


  • Our most valuable capital is our people, partners, and clients.
  • We share ideas, thoughts, and resources with our clients to accomplish goals for mutual benefits.
  • We are dedicated to quality, innovation, efficiency, and loyalty in all that we do.
  • We are committed to integrity and work ethics.


  • Long term commitment to our clients
  • Management team of professionals having a wealth of product and functional experience and expertise.
  • Qualified, competent and highly motivated sales force.
  • Operational practices that are focused on identifying, understanding and meeting the needs and expectations of our customers.
  • Well organized and efficient procurement capability from local and overseas sources for supply of gold and services.
  • Highly flexible style of management, which is able to provide fast and accurate responses to client enquiries, consistently.
  • Well established and time tested logistics set up.
  • Financial strength and stability.

Chairman Message

As dedicated Investor, we are driven by passion and inspiration in everyday work. Our vision is our DNA: We strive to be a company who professionally, efficiently and in sustainable way manages investments, and creates difference by introducing best business practices in Oman and the entire region.

For us, cooperation and team work are the most important enablers in achieving our goals. We will always work hand in hand and together with UAE Government, its institutions and agencies and local authorities. We tend to gather the best in their expertise and thus we have on board with us partners and names that guarantee success and quality.

Meanwhile we kept ourselves aware of our social responsibility and set up the activity focused on protection of social interests. With a focus on education and enterprise, SRC has developed target programs for local communities, often involving commercial sponsorship and significant employee engagement through direct involvement.

As Investor, we are very proud with accomplishments up to date; we aim at expanding in the nearest future, increase our revenue, and remain committed to our social responsibility. Company wish and commitment is to develop a positive collaborative synergy with the Government of UAE and local authorities, while durably engaging with local communities, through education, training, support and employment opportunities.

I express gratitude to our shareholders, managers and employees - our leading force for their endeavors and immense effort in the accomplishments and success we gain as SRC Investments and for leading to this level. I strongly believe that in a short time we will be the employer people will be even more eager to work for.

We continue to plan and work according to plans set, never forgetting to dream. To have a dream, passion and enthusiasm are crucial enablers for making success long term.



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